Saturday 10 January 2015

You are enough! New steps...not a new you!

 Probably you have noticed one of those advertisements, that are popping up especially at the beginning of the New Year, which suggests that you need a "new you" -New Year, New You!- it says.
Before you start frantically nodding( whilst feeling bad about yourself ) to this advertisement in agreement. I suggest, you take a step back and think about what happened at the last time when you've tried to change yourself because you felt bad about yourself....
 If you are similar with most of us, you might had some disastrous result with all that changing business. 

I wonder if you know why...(?)

What I realised was, that I cannot make a positive change out of something that is fuelled by self-hatred and negative self-talk.

When you want to change the most important thing that you need is encouragement, positive support and love. 
If you are blessed with loving people around you,  you may have the right support system, But even if you have all that love and support from the outside but you still have those negative self-talks on your inside,  you will find that the only thing that is going to change is the level of your frustration. Which then going to create an even stronger self-dissatisfaction. And now you can see the vicious cycle where you've got yourself sucked into.

My second big discovery was, that I actually did not need to become "new"!
 Yes, I needed some change in my life..and I believe I will always have something that need to be I was not born being perfect ( but who is??). 
However, it is not to become the 'new me"that would change all those things that need to be improved in my life. I have habits that need to change and I can do that with one step at the time. And that has nothing to do with me becoming something that I am not. If anything, I need to be me, so that I can take full ownership over my achievements. 

I encourage you to instead of fighting becoming a 'new you', to embrace and accept yourself! Take steps in a new direction that would change those habits and qualities that you would like to change. Do it because you want to have a happier, healthier and better quality of life.
Get excited about those new steps, and pat yourself on your shoulder because you've not just recognised that you need to take new steps and perhaps a different path in your life, but you are willing and ready to do so!

Do it, because you want it, and not because you are manipulated into thinking that you are not enough. Who You are is good enough!

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