Friday 6 November 2015

Dear ED ( eating disorder)..... it's ME!


  I am only guessing but you may have thought of your eating disorder (ED) as a friend. ( I remember that I did!) Because it is always there, no matter how hard life is or happy life may be ED is always there. Sure, it can be annoying but it gives you a sense of comfort, a stability because one thing that you know for sure in this situation is ED.Right?
 And that will never change.... Unless, you turn your attention to that tiny little voice inside you...yes that one...and you know whose voice that is? It's yours! 
It is the voice that cannot be heard because ED's voice is so much louder and stronger. You may have already forgotten what is your own voice sounds like and which thoughts are yours and which are ED's.  
 We all want to have "good friends" in our lives. And one of the qualities of a "good friend" is that they let your voice being heard. 
Of course there is no friend perfect (says ED in your head right now), but you do have the power to choose what kind of friends you would like to be with. So, why don't you get a pen and paper and write a letter to your ED. Write it out how you feel and why your relationship is so important to you. What is that ED means and gives you. Then may want to tell ED what you don't like...what is that that you don't get from ED or indeed you have lost but want back.
 After that you can keep this letter handy to read whenever you question your journey with or without ED.

You may decide that you want your voice back, and you have lost so much and want things back and even more you wnat more in your life....You can achieve that!  Start walking towards those goals today...after all what's the worse thing that can happen if you try....?