Wednesday 2 November 2016

13 Facts about Eating Disorders


1, Eating disorders are real.
2, Eating disorder kills, regardless of shape, size age or gender.
3, Anybody can develop an eating disorder.
4, Man can struggle with an eating disorder too.
5, You can have a mindset of somebody with anorexia nervosa even if you are  not thin.
6, When you have an eating disorder you have an eating disorder, there is no  such as having a little bit of an eating disorder.
7, Your BMI cannot tell anything about your relationship with food, therefore,  you can have an eating disorder with any BMI score.
8, Your shape doesn’t matter, you can have six packs and still struggle with an  eating disorder.
9, Media is not the cause of an eating disorder but it can be triggering for those      who are struggling with an eating disorder.
10, One can never be sick enough or thin enough when anorexia rules their lives.
11, Emotional eating or Emotional not eating is one aspect of an eating disorder.
12, Having an eating disorder means a lot of hiding and a lonely existence. 
13, You CAN completely recover from an eating disorder.

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